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Case # Defendant Issue Date Agency Issue Reason
TRC9503872A Dudas, Josef   06/05/1995   LCSD    
TRC9506233A Valadez, Martin B   08/16/1995   LCSD    
TRC9601677A Gilman, Mark W   04/02/1996   LCSD   FTA  
TRC9509590A Ready, John F   04/25/1996   SHF    
CRA9602011 Platt, Jason A   12/19/1996   SHF    
CRA9602012 Platt, Jason A   12/19/1996   SHF    
TRC9609481A Beeman, Gary L   12/26/1996   LCSD    
CRA9700416A Cleveland, Cheridan S   03/19/1997   SHF    
TRC9709746A Yeary, James W   12/17/1997   SMV   "NO SHOW"  
CRA9800796 Reed, Deborah K   07/10/1998   SMV   NO SHOW-ARRAIGN  
CRA9801588 Gordon, John L   08/10/1998   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRC9708907A Cortes, Jose A   09/09/1998   LCSD   NO SHOW @ ARRAIGNMEN  
CRB9801814 Hyduke, Gregory L   10/20/1998   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/P.T.  
CRB9801850A Hyduke, Gregory L   10/20/1998   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/P.T.  
TRC9900696A Alcala, Gilberto   02/19/1999   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/ARR  
CRA9900286 Landsman, Kym D   02/25/1999   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB9900287A Landsman, Kym D   02/25/1999   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRA9900419A Landsmann, Kym D   03/23/1999   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRA9900524 Webster, Samuel T   04/09/1999   SFHV   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB9900525 Webster, Samuel T   04/09/1999   SFHV   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRA9900712 Marshall, Joe Jr   05/06/1999   PPD   PROBABLE CAUSE HEAR.  
CRA9901345A Landsman, Kym D   07/22/1999   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRA9902138 Litton, Christopher S   10/26/1999   PPD   PROBABLE CAUSE HEAR.  
CRB9902139A Litton, Christopher S   10/26/1999   PPD   PROBABLE CAUSE HEAR.  
TRC9906392A Litton, Christopher S   11/04/1999   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/SENTENCE  
TRC9908924A Morales, Oscar P   11/23/1999   PPD   FAILED TO APPEAR  
TRD0004154 Hernandez Borga, Santiago   06/13/2000   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/ARR  
CRA0002237 Dejesus, Angel A   11/08/2000   DRUG   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB0100157 Peptis, Matthew J   02/14/2001   SMT   FAILURE TO APPEAR-PT  
TRC0100652A Peptis, Matthew J   02/14/2001   SMT   FAIL TO APPEAR- PT  
CRA0100424A Hill, Derrick D   03/13/2001   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRC0101878A Finehout, Jeffery E   03/14/2001   SMV   NO SHOW ARRAIGNMENT  
CRA0002372 Engle, Steven J   03/26/2001   SHF   FAIL TO APPEAR  
CRB0100158A Gray, Eugene P   03/27/2001   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/ARR  
CRA0100544 Hayes, Sondra D   04/26/2001   PPD   PROB. CAUSE HEARING  
CRB0100545 Hayes, Sondra D   04/26/2001   PPD   PROB. CAUSE HEARING  
CRB0100858 Bassett, Jason R   07/03/2001   PPD   PROB. CAUSE HEARING  
CRA0101840 Zaragoza, Federico   09/05/2001   PPD   PROB.CAUSE HEARING  
CRB0101839 Zaragoza, Federico   09/05/2001   PPD   PROB. CAUSE HEARING  
CRB0101822 Oviedo, Ruben D   09/19/2001   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/COURT  
CRB0100552 Smith, Craig A   10/03/2001   SHF   NO APPEAR  
CRB0100634 Smith, Craig A   10/03/2001   SHF   NO APPEAR  
CRB0102202 Smith, Craig A   10/29/2001   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD0109702B Gomez, Angel L   12/21/2001   LCSD   F.T.A. FOR PRETRIAL  
CRB0102417 Williams, Larry J   01/29/2002   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/ARR  
CRB0200302 Arco Vega, Tolentino   03/06/2002   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/ARR  
TRC0203005A Vrabec, James T   04/15/2002   LCSD   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
CRB0201218 Smith, Craig A   06/18/2002   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB0201930 Croft, Scott   09/18/2002   SGRV   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRA0201806 Derose, James L   09/18/2002   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRA0202130 Escamilla-Solorzano, Manuel   09/19/2002   PPD   PROB. CAUSE HEARING  
TRC0206756A Powers, James W   09/23/2002   SHF   CONTEMPT-FTA  
CRA0202331 Mccabe, Harold V   10/15/2002   SMV   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRA0202350 Kee, Thomas R   10/30/2002   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD0208912A Velasquez, Demitrious   11/07/2002   LCSD   F.T.A. FOR ARRAIGN.  
CRB0201439 Vance, David J   11/18/2002   SHF   FAILD TO APPEAR  
CRB0202762A Tucker, James A   12/20/2002   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRA0202131A Akins, Shawn P   02/24/2003   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/PREL HRG  
CRA0300116 Akins, Shawn P   02/24/2003   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/PREL.HRG  
CRB0300025 Alvirez, Rosa   02/24/2003   SHF   FAIL TO APPEAR  
TRD0205184 Johnson, Jerold J   03/04/2003   SHF   FAIL. TO COMPLY  
CRB0300322A Weekley, Renee D   03/05/2003   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRA0300321 Weekly, Renee D   03/05/2003   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD0300925 Bowers, Lawrence E   04/21/2003   SHF   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
CRB0300575 Devore, Michael J   04/25/2003   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/ARR  
CRA0300665A Murphy, William M   05/05/2003   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/ARR  
CRB0301065 Elizalde, Edgardo C   06/06/2003   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB0301144 Kramer, Theodore G   07/03/2003   PPD   PROB CAUSE HEARING  
CRB0300440 Reynoso, Carlos   07/08/2003   SHF   FAILED TO APPEAR  
TRC0305707A Posey, Gerald M   08/14/2003   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/ARR  
CRB0301311 Ward, Vincent L   08/22/2003   SHF   FAIL TO APPEAR  
TRD0304775A Wynkoop, Richard L Jr   08/27/2003   LCSD   F.T.A. FOR PRETRIAL  
CRB0301770A Belman, Luis M   09/15/2003   LCSD   NO SHOW @ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB0302035 Barber, Ryan M   09/22/2003   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD0307747A Harmon, Melissa R   11/12/2003   LCSD   F.T.A. @PRETRIAL  
TRD0308851A Ibarra-Perez, Martin   01/07/2004   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/ARR  
CRA0400048A Foor, David C   01/09/2004   PPD   PROB. CAUSE HEARING  
CRB0400047A Foor, David C   01/09/2004   PPD   PROB. CAUSE HEARING  
CRA0302036 Mcclain, Christopher C   02/20/2004   SHF   FAILED TO APPEAR  
CRB0400178 Mcclain, Christopher C   02/20/2004   SHF   FAILED TO APPEAR  
CRB0302230 Hutchins, Christopher S   02/27/2004   SMV   FAIL TO APPEAR-PT  
TRD0307672A Hutchins, Christopher S   02/27/2004   SMV   FAIL TO APPEAR-PT  
CRA0400427A Gunn, James W   03/05/2004   PPD   PROB CAUSE HRG  
CRB0302723 Magid, Daryl B   03/05/2004   SHF   FAIL TO APPEAR  
CRA0400562 Sezawich, Charles M   03/31/2004   SPV   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRC0306973B Egnor, Michael D   04/06/2004   LCSD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRC0306240A Henderson, Ronald G   04/08/2004   LCSD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB0400496 Gunn, James W   04/19/2004   PPD   PROB. CAUSE HRG  
CRA0401118 Razo, Jamie P   06/09/2004   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRA0400905 Razo, Jaime   06/21/2004   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/CT  
TRC0308818B Murrett, Timothy O   07/15/2004   SHF   PROBATION  
CRB0400197A Peck, Scott M   08/20/2004   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB0401696A Cobbs, Eddie E   09/02/2004   SPPD   FAILED TO APPEAR  
CRB0400272 Hutson, Meryl M   09/27/2004   SHF   F & C  
TRC0405758A Gamble, Jason W   10/01/2004   LCSD   F.T.A. @PRETRIAL  
TRD0405149C Coppinger, Brian K   10/13/2004   SHF   F & C  
TRC0406525A Crutchfield, James C   10/21/2004   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/PT  
CRB0401267A Romero-Alvarado, Hector A   10/26/2004   PPD   CONTEMPT $280  
TRD0406674A Lopez, Javier A   11/03/2004   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/ARR  
CRA0400043 Mills, Michael O   11/30/2004   PPD   PROB. VIOLATION  
CRA0402539A Johnson, Craig R   12/01/2004   SMV   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD0407617A Gutierrez, Chris   12/15/2004   LCSD   F.T.A./ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB0401193 Winters, Shawn M   12/29/2004   SHF   PROBATION  
CRB0400406A Harper, Charles   01/05/2005   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/ARR  
TRD0403947A Sweetapple, Joshua L   01/05/2005   SPV   FAIL TO APPEAR-PT  
CRB0500089 House, Vicky L   02/23/2005   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB0500356 Streets, Robert M   03/08/2005   SMT   FAIL TO APPEAR-ARR.  
CRB0500463 Sweeney, Russell H   03/10/2005   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD0405149C Coppinger, Brian K   03/30/2005   SHF   PROBATION  
CRA0500604 Lake, James E   04/01/2005   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB0500549A Hanson, Paul R   04/05/2005   SMV   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRA0500483 Hervey, Scott C   04/12/2005   SMV   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRA0500711 Fordham, Tommirose M   04/15/2005   PPD   PROB CAUSE HEARING  
CRB0402150 Greer, James J   04/25/2005   MV   FAIL TO APPEAR-ARR.  
CRA0500413 Hervey, Scott C   05/02/2005   SHF   FAIL APPEAR FOR JAIL  
CRB0402255A Llamas-Porras, Rafael   05/18/2005   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/PT  
TRC0503130A Resendiz, Jose A   06/10/2005   SHF   F.T.A. @ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD0503377A Hernandez-Jimenez, Julio C   07/06/2005   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/ARR  
CRB0501093 Basinger, Robert T   07/11/2005   PPD   PROB CAUSE HEARING  
CRB0501552 Bethel, Jesse O   08/01/2005   SHF   PCH  
CRB0501478 Gibson, Camellia M   08/01/2005   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB0501449 Clarke, Chris K Jr   08/05/2005   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/ARR $205  
CRA0501124 Schicker, Eric T   08/10/2005   SMV   FAILED TO APPEAR  
CRA0500477 Parish, Matthew E   08/26/2005   SMT   CONTEMPT, $998.60  
CRB0500782 Borges, Michelle   09/13/2005   PPD   CONTEMPT $180  
CRB0501961 Maldonado, Luis A   09/28/2005   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB0501644 Munoz, Juan A   09/30/2005   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/PT  
CRB0502053A Gomez-Ornelas, Adelaido   10/04/2005   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/ARR  
CRB0401109 Swann, Kenneth J   10/05/2005   SHF   CONTEMPT OF COURT  
CRB0501933 Relliford, Michael G   10/19/2005   SMV   FAIL TO APPEAR-PSR  
TRD0504185B Velten, George J   10/21/2005   SMV   CONTEMPT, $470.00  
TRD0503858A Pirrotta, Daniel J   10/24/2005   PPD   CONTEMPT $220  
TRD0506135A Maynez, Martha E   11/01/2005   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/ARR  
CRB0500255 Morris, Timothy   11/03/2005   MV   FAIL TO APPEAR-PT