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Case # Defendant Issue Date Agency Issue Reason
CRA2200103 Abbey, Lori L   01/21/2022   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD2200125A Feather-Faber, Elena M   01/21/2022   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRC2102526A Galla, Michael R   01/21/2022   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2200104 Lee, Davia L   01/21/2022   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2200039 Maldonado, Angel   01/21/2022   PPD   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRA2200105 Mcgrath, Susan M   01/21/2022   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD2200129A Pasqualone, Michael P   01/21/2022   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRA2200106 Patton, Theodore M   01/21/2022   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2100685 Sullivan, Justin A   01/21/2022   SPPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRC2102766 Johnson, Bryan M   01/20/2022   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2200094A Maldonado, Angel   01/18/2022   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2102026 Fioritto, Victor T   01/14/2022   SPPD   BOND REVOCATION  
TRD2104891A Hereford, Mario J   01/14/2022   SPPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
TRC2102012A Hines, Demetrius L   01/14/2022   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2102074 Wirick, Brittany N   01/14/2022   SFHV   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2101866 Hogya, Hope C   01/13/2022   SHF   FTA-PRETRIAL  
CRA2200081 Love, Che A   01/13/2022   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD2103802A Mccloskey, Michael R   01/13/2022   SFHV   FTA-PRETRIAL  
TRD2103198A Villegas, Cesar   01/13/2022   SHF   FTA-PRETRIAL  
CRB2200074 Moses, Amber D   01/12/2022   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2102032A Bernstein, Randy A   01/11/2022   SPPD   FTA - PRETRIAL  
CRB2101537 Cameron, David M   01/11/2022   SMT   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2002110 Knezeak, Cassandra L   01/11/2022   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2002358 Knezeak, Cassandra L   01/11/2022   SMT   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2200067 Withrow, Vincent X   01/11/2022   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB1900394 Wolf, Anthony M   01/11/2022   SPPD   FTA - PRETRIAL  
TRC2103188A Gwynn, Dexter D   01/10/2022   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRC2103005A Pacheco, Anatalia M   01/10/2022   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2101982 Sweeney, Jason J   01/10/2022   LCSO   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD2104875A Aguirre, Jesus A   01/07/2022   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2002255 Hall, Teresa M   01/07/2022   SPPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1902620 Martin, Latrell A   01/07/2022   SPPD   CONTEMPT OF COURT  
CRB2001540 Moore, Selena M   01/07/2022   SMT   FTA FOR HEARING  
TRD2104823 Reyes, Migel   01/07/2022   PPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2101107A Wiley, Jonathan W   01/07/2022   SMT   FTA PVH  
CRA2101995 Snyder, Krysten R   01/06/2022   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2101747A Chladek, Thalgea J   01/05/2022   SMT   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2200030 Craig, John J   01/05/2022   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD2104833A Davila Rodriguez, Giovanni   01/05/2022   SHF   FTA ARRAIGNMENT  
CRA2200028A Dimberio Nelson, Lisa   01/05/2022   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2200029 Dimberio Nelson, Lisa   01/05/2022   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRA2200023 Jenkins, Philip S   01/05/2022   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRA2200032 Mcelroy, Franklin D Jr   01/05/2022   DRUG   PC WARRANT  
CRB2102048 Monahan, Jaden C   01/05/2022   SMT   FTA ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2100749 Wissmar, Misty D   01/05/2022   SNPV   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2200031A Withrow, Vincent X   01/05/2022   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRC2104219A Wellman, Michele L   01/04/2022   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2101441A Fiscus, Harry A   12/29/2021   SPV   FTA PVH  
CRB2101900 Fiscus, Harry A   12/29/2021   SMT   FTA PRETRIAL  
TRD2104468 Fiscus, Harry A   12/29/2021   SMT   FTA PRETRIAL  
CRB2100829 Moore, Demetrius   12/29/2021   LCSO   FTA - CHANGE OF PLEA  
TRC2101775A Moore, Demetrius   12/29/2021   LCSO   FTA - CHANGE OF PLEA  
TRC2104485A Angus, Jennifer L   12/23/2021   SHF   FTA-PRETRIAL  
CRB2101716 Boles, Stephen E Jr   12/23/2021   SMT   FTA PRETRIAL  
CRA2102020 Norris, Brett K   12/22/2021   SPPD   FTA-PRELIMINARY HRG  
CRB2102033 Bentley, Brian E   12/20/2021   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2102034 Craig, John J   12/20/2021   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD2104629A Pina Rico, Jose M   12/17/2021   SPPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD2104409A Davis, Russell A   12/16/2021   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMET  
CRA2102018 Hill, Daylen C   12/15/2021   DRUG   PC WARRANT  
CRA2102019 Peterson, Emily M   12/15/2021   DRUG   PC WARRANT  
CRB2102011A Ross, Sharlena S   12/15/2021   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD2104625A Rowan, Jessica M   12/15/2021   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRC2002764A Butts, Tiffany S   12/14/2021   SPPD   CONTEMPT OF COURT  
CRB2101996 Cook, Ronnell   12/14/2021   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRC2101233A Buffington, Shannon D   12/13/2021   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2101896 Powell, Logan A   12/13/2021   SMT   FTA ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD2103638A Aguirre Cervantes, Jovani N   12/10/2021   SHF   FTA SENTENCING  
TRD2104518A Brown, Heather V   12/10/2021   SPPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2001413A Boothe, Autumn J   12/09/2021   SFHV   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD2103981A Grabski, Jamie L   12/09/2021   SPPD   CONTEMPT - FTA JAIL  
TRD2104477A Fiediga, Paul A   12/08/2021   SMV   FTA ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2101978A Patton, Theodore M   12/08/2021   SPPD   PC WARRANT  
CRB2101755 Gomez Buck, Amy   12/07/2021   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRA2101905 Clevenger, Marcus L   12/06/2021   SMT   FTA PRELIM  
CRB2101828 Clevenger, Marcus L   12/06/2021   SMT   FTA PRETRIAL  
CRB2101829 Clevenger, Marcus L   12/06/2021     FTA PRETIRAL  
CRB2101964 Graham, Michael J   12/06/2021   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2101876 Moore, Jovan D   12/06/2021   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRA2101962 Sullivan, Jennifer L   12/06/2021   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRC2101460A Wilson, Brandon L   12/06/2021   SHF   CT OF CT-FTA-JAIL  
TRC1904356A Kelly, Donte A   12/03/2021   SHF   FTA-JAIL  
CRB2101795A Mcelroy, Mark A   12/03/2021   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD2104216 Zimmickas, Brittany G   12/03/2021   SHF   FTA- ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD2104430A Skinner, Roy E II   12/01/2021   SMT   FTA ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD2104319A Wilson, Tyshaun D   12/01/2021   SMV   FTA ARRAIGNMENT  
CRA2101944A Howard, Antonio P   11/30/2021   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2101945 Howard, Antonio P   11/30/2021   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD2002091A Laster, Carletta   11/24/2021   SHF   FTA-PRETRIAL HRG  
CRB2100661A Brickman, Charles   11/23/2021   CTZ   FTA SENTENCING  
CRB2002276A Colon, Joanna E   11/23/2021   SMT   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1901628 Hatton, Trista F   11/23/2021   SHF   FTA-PRETRIAL  
CRB2101231 Keils, Robert J   11/23/2021   SPPD   FTA - PRETRIAL  
CRA2101902 Tyler, Amanda M   11/19/2021   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2101903 Tyler, Amanda M   11/19/2021   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2101584A Matthews, Amanda H   11/18/2021   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD2104191A Ausler, Willie E Jr   11/17/2021   PPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2001120 Malone, Devaughn A   11/16/2021   SMT   FTA PRETRIAL  
TRD2001946A Malone, Devaughn A   11/16/2021   SMT   FTA PRETRIAL  
CRB2101851A Miller, Michael J   11/16/2021   PPD   BOND REVOCATION  
CRA2101887 Perkowski, Timothy J   11/16/2021   SMT   FTA ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2101888A Perkowski, Timothy J   11/16/2021   SMT   FTA ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2101872 Houk, Stephen T   11/15/2021   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRA2101881A Jackson, Mckinley   11/15/2021   SFHV   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRA2101882 Miller, Edwin S   11/15/2021   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2101701 Alvelo, Edgar   11/12/2021   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRC2101755A Hopkins, Derek A   11/12/2021   SHF   CONTEMPT OF COURT  
CRB2101864 Maresh, Hunter B   11/12/2021   SLMP   PC WARRANT  
TRD2104193A Lancaster, Elmer R   11/10/2021   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2101526 Allen, Danielle M   11/08/2021   SMT   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2101836 Crayton, Robin D   11/08/2021   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2100045 Krause, John M   11/08/2021   SMT   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2101838 Morris, Travis S   11/08/2021   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRA2101841 Ness, Jennifer E   11/08/2021   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2101386 Wargo, Dylan M   11/08/2021   SPPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2001637A Neal, Oshiana L   11/05/2021   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2100592A Holmes, Ronald R Jr   11/03/2021   SHF   FTA-JAIL  
TRD2103481A Johnson, Breyaja C   11/03/2021   SHF   FTA-PRETRIAL  
TRC2101824A Hickman, Blaine E III   11/01/2021   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2100592A Holmes, Ronald R Jr   11/01/2021   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2100699A Mills, Dorian J   10/27/2021   SMT   FTA PRETRIAL  
CRB2101474 Rose, Samantha M   10/27/2021   SMV   FTA PRETRIAL  
CRB2101792 Starkey, Nathan F   10/27/2021   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2101771A Keys, Zachary J   10/25/2021   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2101769 Morris, Devonte R   10/25/2021   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD2103951A Buffington, Shannon D   10/22/2021   SFHV   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD2103993A Hamilton, Brittany N   10/22/2021   SMT   FTA ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2100895 Jane, Kayla   10/22/2021   SPPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2002327 Sanchez, Ashlee N   10/22/2021   SMV   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2101248A Beeler-Testerman, Marcy J   10/21/2021   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2002328 Manders, Sebastian J   10/21/2021   SMV   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2100842 Tingley, Linda L   10/21/2021   SHF   FTA-PRETRIAL  
CRB2101735 Glaser, Donald S   10/19/2021   SFHV   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2101736 Martemus, Darrel L Jr   10/19/2021   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2101734 Starkey, Nathan F   10/19/2021   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CVI2000981 Amanda Lawhead   10/18/2021   LCSD   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
CRB1902529A Dragon, Raeann M   10/15/2021   SMT   FTA PVH  
CRA2101714 Winters, Shawn M   10/14/2021   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2101715 Winters, Shawn M   10/14/2021   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD2103800A Gregory, Damond L Sr   10/13/2021   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD1705968 Lowe, Peter   10/08/2021   SHF-   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD1705641A Lowe, Peter D   10/08/2021   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD2003598A Rivera, Michael J   10/08/2021   SHF   PROBATION WARRANT  
TRC2101936A Curtis, Shawn   10/07/2021   SHF   PROBATION WARRANT  
CRA2101673 Brown, Christian E   10/06/2021   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD2103727A Mcdade, Jesse   10/06/2021   SPPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD2102022A Siracusa, Matthew D   10/06/2021   SHF   FTA-PRETRIAL  
TRD2102053A Thomas Ivy, David W   10/06/2021   SHF   FTA-PRETRIAL  
CRB2101644 Bailey, John H   10/04/2021   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2101421 Belew, James P   10/04/2021   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRC2100993A Hassan, Mohamed A   10/04/2021   SHF   PROBATION WARRANT  
CRA2101636 Scott, Taurus J   10/01/2021   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2101432 Baughman Jr, Christopher   09/30/2021   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD2103176 Baughman Jr, Christopher   09/30/2021   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRA2101627 Ness, Jennifer E   09/30/2021   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2101628 Ness, Jennifer E   09/30/2021   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD2101514A Moran, Jeremy E   09/29/2021   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD2103526A Reed, Richard D Jr   09/29/2021   SPPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2100797A Mitchell, Jason W   09/28/2021   SHF   PROBATION WARRANT  
CRB2000649 Baur, Ryan W   09/23/2021   SPPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD2103593A Moran, Jeremy E   09/23/2021   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD2101785A Boyer, Joshua L   09/22/2021   SHF   FTA-PRETRIAL  
TRD2103098 Buchanan, Dangelo D   09/17/2021   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD2103343A Dunlap, Clint R   09/17/2021   SPPD   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD2103344A Hirst, Kelcey D   09/17/2021   SPPD   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD2103398A Ellison, Demetrius   09/16/2021   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRC2100721A Gustincic, Austin T   09/13/2021   SMT   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2100900A Rivera, Orlando Jr   09/13/2021   SPV   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD2102090A Inclan, Mitchell S   09/09/2021   SPV   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2002012A Dixon, Sara   09/07/2021   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1800158 Simmons, Marco D   09/07/2021   SPPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD2102810 Weston, Ray A   09/03/2021   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD2102758 Billups, Maleve C   09/02/2021   PPD   FTA - PRETRIAL  
TRD2102985 Bruno, Varitza   09/02/2021   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2101377 Harris, Samuel D   09/02/2021   PPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD2103163A Johnson, Johnnie D   09/02/2021   SPPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2101455 Ramirez-Razo, Edgar G   09/02/2021   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRC2103261A Taylor, Benjamin A   09/02/2021   SMV   FTA-ARRAIGNEMENT  
TRC2002320A Devault, Sidney M   09/01/2021   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2100146A Smith, Christopher M   09/01/2021   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD2102740 Silliker, Jason M   08/31/2021   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRA2101436 Miller, Micheala E   08/30/2021   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRC1905726A Andrasko, John P Jr   08/27/2021   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD2103115A Conner, Timothy M   08/27/2021   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRC2101756A Andrasko, John P Jr   08/26/2021   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD2103231A Andrasko, John P Jr   08/26/2021   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT.  
CRB2101338A Ness, Jennifer E   08/26/2021   SPPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD2103067A Ness, Jennifer E   08/26/2021   SPPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2101287 Black, Hakeem E   08/24/2021   SMT   FTA FOR PRETRIAL  
CRB2101038 Gandy, Joshua D   08/24/2021   SMT   FTA FOR TRIAL  
TRD2002951A Hennessey, James F III   08/23/2021   SPPD   FTA FOR JAIL  
TRD2003527B Brown, Larage D   08/20/2021   SFHV   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2101232 Schieferstein, Joshua G   08/19/2021   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD2102939A Kivimaki, Daniel S   08/17/2021   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2101345 Jones, Raymond S   08/16/2021   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2101195 Jenkins, Deja K   08/12/2021   ODPS   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD2102843A Stuart, Justice K   08/12/2021   SHF   FTA-ARRIAGNMENT  
CRB1902161 Blackie, Joshua L   08/11/2021   SMT   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2101200 Romero Gutierrez, Juan A   08/11/2021   SPPD   FTA - PRETRIAL  
CRA2101313 Fogelsong, Michael D   08/10/2021   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRA2101318 Gandy, Joshua D   08/10/2021   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRC2100174A Sullivan, Jennifer L   08/10/2021   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2101283 Harris, Tiyanna L   08/09/2021   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2000840A Ness, Jennifer E   08/06/2021   SFHV   FTA-PROB VIOLATION  
TRD2100630A Ness, Jennifer E   08/06/2021   SFHV   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2000378 Robinson, Demitrius D   08/06/2021   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2100517 Sirk, Francisca L   08/06/2021   LCSO   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD2102611A Aquila, Richard L   08/05/2021   SPV   FTA FOR ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2101215A Ness, Jennifer E   08/05/2021   SPPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD2102813A Ness, Jennifer E   08/05/2021   SPPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2100598A Stanek, Lindsay J   08/05/2021   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRA2101244 Gossett, Roger A   08/02/2021   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2101245 Gossett, Roger A   08/02/2021   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2101025A Lucas, Matthew A   08/02/2021   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRA2101242 Stone, Lisa L   08/02/2021   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2101243 Stone, Lisa L   08/02/2021   SMT   PROBABLEC CAUSE  
CRB1902531 Castro Torres, Jonathan   07/30/2021   SPPD   FTA - PVH  
TRD2102682A Faletufuga, Nicole L   07/30/2021   SFHV   FTA-ARRAIGNEMNT  
CRB2100956A Mancuso, Alyssa C   07/30/2021   SMV   FTA FOR PRETRIAL  
TRD2101672A Mitchell, Omarion J   07/30/2021   SHF   FTA -ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2101227 Vega-Sanchez, Melissa T   07/30/2021   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2100821 Jones, Raymond S   07/29/2021   SMT   FTA FOR PRETRIAL  
CRB2101026 Torres, Rafael   07/29/2021   SPPD   PC WARRANT  
TRD2003069 Hammond-Mims, Shade   07/22/2021   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRC2001603A Lohr, Thomas M   07/22/2021   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD2101500A Lohr, Thomas M   07/22/2021   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2101099A Orellena, Hernando A   07/22/2021   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD2101598A Walker, Jerami L II   07/22/2021   SMT   FTA-PRETRIAL  
TRD2102311A Barnes, Robert J IV   07/19/2021   SPPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2100932A Rivera, Luis E   07/15/2021   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRC2102104A Rivera, Luis E   07/15/2021   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRC2102328A Scroggins, Michael P   07/15/2021   SMV   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2101015 Manley, Nathaniel A   07/12/2021   SPPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
TRC2100015B Robinson, Jeovonte J   07/12/2021   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD2102332A Brown, Allyn D   07/09/2021   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2100603A Campbell, Daniel H   07/09/2021   SMT   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRC1905074 Hopkins, Christopher J   07/09/2021   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2101105 Filmore, Glensasha A   07/07/2021   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRA2100844 Ingram, Gayhazel   06/30/2021   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2100809 Hull, Steven J   06/25/2021   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD2102032A Tate, Davante L   06/24/2021   SPPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2100518A Chapman, Rebecca A   06/18/2021   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD2101799A Gamble, Torrance L   06/18/2021   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD2101951A Maynard, Kenneth W   06/18/2021   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2000943 Ramkey, Dylan M   06/16/2021   SMT   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2000944 Ramkey, Dylan M   06/16/2021   SMT   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2000945 Ramkey, Dylan M   06/16/2021   SMT   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2000946 Ramkey, Dylan M   06/16/2021   SMT   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2100856 Gaudino-Torres, Angel S   06/15/2021   SMV   FTA ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2100855 Lamboy-Ruiz, Jessica   06/15/2021   SMV   FTA ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2100972A Spikes, Keith L   06/15/2021   SPPD   PC WARRANT  
CRB1400791 Burns, Tobin L   06/11/2021   SPPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1902379B Confer, Faith A   06/11/2021   PPD   PROBATION WARRANT  
CRB1902380A Confer, Faith A   06/11/2021   PPD   PROBATION WARRANT  
CRB2001278A Confer, Faith A   06/11/2021   PPD   PROBATION WARRANT  
TRD1806792A Mcculley, Monica M   06/11/2021   SPPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2100722 Drake, Joanna D   06/10/2021   SNPV   FTA PRETRIAL  
TRD2102106 Montgomery, Otha D   06/08/2021   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD2004309A Thomas, Alyssa   06/08/2021   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2100853 Feliciano-Soto, George G   06/07/2021   SMV   FTA ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD2101820A Feliciano-Soto, George G   06/07/2021   SMV   FTA ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2100717 Robinson, Davonte   06/07/2021   SHF   FTAARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2100905 Roberts, Shawn W   06/04/2021   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2100529 Stolder, Melynda C   06/03/2021   SMT   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2100811A Vega-Sanchez, Melissa T   06/02/2021   SPPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD2004165A Colon, Wilfredo   05/25/2021   SHF   FTA-SENTENCING  
CRA2100834A Nadzan, Russell J   05/24/2021   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD2101595A Faha, April G   05/21/2021   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2001620A Hall, Jaidyn M   05/20/2021   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRA2100814 Rabb, Marcus   05/19/2021   DRUG   PC WARRANT  
CRB2100768A Chambers, Justin M   05/13/2021   SMV   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2100323 Fade, Amy C   05/13/2021   SHF   FTA PRETRIAL  
TRD2002373A Martin, Justin M   05/13/2021   SHF   FTA ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD2101332A Pennington, Colby C   05/12/2021   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRA2100737 Ohler, Michelle L   05/10/2021   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2100738 Ohler, Michelle L   05/10/2021   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2100530 Gary, Ebond E   05/07/2021   SHF   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2100649 Stetka, Timothy L Jr   05/07/2021   SPPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2100480A Wendorff, Robert T   05/05/2021   SHF   FTA PRETRIAL  
CRB1801755 Garlock, Shakira D   05/04/2021   SPPD   FTA - REVIEW HEARING  
CRA2100682 Grimes, Chase C   04/29/2021   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD2100854A Moore, Angela D   04/29/2021   SHF   FTA-PRETRIAL  
CRB2100615 Reese, Nickolas C   04/29/2021   SPPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD2101271A Reese, Nickolas C   04/29/2021   SPPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD2101200A Valentin Feliciano, Amilcar J   04/29/2021   SMT   FTA ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2100662 Wiersch, Brandon   04/23/2021   SFHV   PC WARRANT  
CRB2100527 Beduhn, Brian F   04/22/2021   SMT   FTA ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2100577 Jackson, Marvin M   04/22/2021   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRA2100333 Moukayed, Mohamed F   04/22/2021   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2100566 Tulipane, Mark M   04/22/2021   SPPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD2100871A Noble, Gwendolyn A   04/21/2021   SPPD   FTA - PRETRIAL  
CRB2100455 Clarke, Jalen T   04/15/2021   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD2100778A Gayle, Donovan R   04/07/2021   SPPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1902393 Ellison, Jessika A   03/30/2021   SPPD   FTA - PRETRIAL  
TRD1906140A Ellison, Jessika A   03/30/2021   SPPD   FTA - PRETRIAL  
TRD2100853A Stringer, Lamar R   03/26/2021   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD1806792A Mcculley, Monica M   03/25/2021   SPPD   FTA - HEARING  
CRB2000713 Redding, Vincent D   03/22/2021   SPPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRA2100361 Jordan, Markeasha D   03/18/2021   SHF   FTA - PRELIMINARY  
CRB2100363A Jordan, Markeasha D   03/18/2021   SHF   FTA - PRETRIAL  
CRB2000705 Vaccaro, Kayla M   03/18/2021   SMT   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRA2100411 Montgomery, Otha D   03/17/2021   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2000592 Garza, Alisia R   03/16/2021   SMT   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2100402A Barron, Latrell A   03/15/2021   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD2100655A Johnson, Kelly D   03/12/2021   SHF   FTA-ARRIAGNMENT  
TRD2100627A Lopez, Santiago   03/11/2021   SHF   FTA-ARRIAGNMENT  
TRD2100303A Sharpe, Eugene V Jr   03/11/2021   SHF   FTA-PRETRIAL  
CRB2002014 Evans, Timothy   02/25/2021   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1902124A Prince, Angela M   02/23/2021   SPPD   FTA - PTD  
CRB2100141A Davis, Jordan B   02/22/2021   SHF   FTA-PRETRIAL  
CRB2100274 Swan, Justin R   02/22/2021   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2100239A Wilson, Zackery J   02/22/2021   SMT   FTA ARRAIGNMENT  
TRC2100456A Wilson, Zackery J   02/22/2021   SMT   FTA ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2000667A Loehr, Paul J   02/19/2021   SMT   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD2100426A Peggs, Zachary A   02/19/2021   SNPV   FTA ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2001981A Hines, Heather A   02/18/2021   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRA2100246A Swan, Justin R   02/16/2021   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRA2002299 Handy, Kerri A   02/09/2021   SPPD   FTA - PRELIMINARY  
CRB2100089 Carder, Randall L   02/05/2021   SPPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
TRC2100181A Carder, Randall L   02/05/2021   SPPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2001766 Schupska, Michael J   02/04/2021   SMT   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD2004579 Quickley, Tejean   01/29/2021   SHF   FTA-PRETRIAL  
CRB2002144A Estes Tate, Kayla Caprice   01/28/2021   SHF   FTA-PRETRIAL HRG  
TRC2004127A Estes Tate, Kayla Caprice   01/28/2021   SHF   FTA-PRETRIAL HRG  
CRB2001622A Manning, Troy R   01/22/2021   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD2003929A Payne, Patricia   01/12/2021   SFHV   FTA-PRETRIAL  
TRD2004540A Sherlock, Richard J   01/07/2021   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD2004330A Johnson, Andrew T   01/05/2021   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2001359 Pantojas Sanchez, Luis A   12/30/2020   SPPD   FTA - PRETRIAL  
TRC2003934A Moorehead, Rosa M   12/28/2020   SGRV   FTA PRETRIAL  
CRB2002163 Rebol, Patricia L   12/28/2020   SMV   FTA SENTENCING  
TRD2004501A Vargas, Cesar   12/28/2020   SMT   FTA ARRAIGNMENT  
TRC1807265A Dougan, Timothy J   12/23/2020   SMT   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD2004251A Martinez, Sidney P   12/21/2020   SHF   FTA=ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2002025 Thomas, Matthew L   12/17/2020   SHF   FTA-SENTENCING  
CRB2002325 Spikes, Keith L   12/16/2020   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2001900 Hommel, Richard P   12/14/2020   DOG   FTA-TRIAL  
CRB2001901 Hommel, Richard P   12/14/2020   DOG   FTA-TRIAL  
CRB2001902 Hommel, Richard P   12/14/2020   DOG   FTA-TRIAL  
CRA2002277A Spencer, Deztaney   12/09/2020   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2002288 Rock, Kimberly M   12/08/2020   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD2002328A Derubeis, Mason J   12/07/2020   SPPD   FTA - PRETRIAL  
CRB1901183B Smith, Sarah L   12/01/2020   SFHV   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD2003863 Gray, Nayonn T   11/13/2020   LCSO   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2002152A Gibson, Brooke A   11/10/2020   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2001253A Reber, Brittney R   11/06/2020   SPPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2002072 Maxey, Tammy   11/05/2020   SPPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1902032 Mayberry, Steven W   11/05/2020   SMT   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2001658 Altinordu, Bertan E   11/03/2020   SMT   FTA PRETRIAL  
TRD2003874A Burton, Treyvon J   11/03/2020   SPPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2001974 Bin-Yamin, Mujahidden   10/23/2020   LCSO   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2001119 Mailhot, Marc E   10/21/2020   SPPD   BOND REVOCATION  
CVF1701989 Passmore, Brian   10/21/2020   SHF   FAILED TO APPEAR  
CRB2001483 Williams, Erica L   10/20/2020   SLMP   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2001484 Williams, Erica L   10/20/2020   SLMP   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRA1900869A Williams, Raimone E   10/14/2020   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2001393 Marcos, Miguel J   10/08/2020   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD1704104 Schimmels, Christi   10/08/2020   SHF   FTA-PRETRIAL  
CRB1901564 Davis, Christopher R   10/06/2020   SPPD   FTA-PT HRG  
CRB2000406A Davis, Christopher R   10/06/2020   SPPD   FTA-PT HRG  
TRD2002891A Schimmels, Christi   10/06/2020   SPPD   FTA-PT HRG  
TRD2002044A Scouten, David A   10/06/2020   SMT   FTA PRETRIAL  
TRD2003267A Wright, Clem M   10/02/2020   LCSO   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD1906397B Tuma, Neysa L   09/08/2020   SPPD   FTA - CONTEMPT  
TRD2002755A Harmon, Robert A Jr   09/04/2020   SPPD   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2001612 Mendez, Nazario T Jr   08/31/2020   SMT   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD1904142 Ware, Deontae M   08/26/2020   LCSO   FTA-PRETRIAL HRG  
CRA2001664 Peterson, Lawrence L Jr   08/25/2020   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB1500194 Gage, James D   08/24/2020   SMT   FTA PRETRIAL  
CRB2001338 James, Ashley M   08/19/2020   LCSO   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRC1406077B Gage, James   08/18/2020   LCSO   FTA PVH  
TRD2002437A Jefferson, Raynell   08/18/2020   SPPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1801051A Metzung, Hunter L   08/18/2020   LCSO   FTA-FULL HRG PVH  
TRC1905645A Metzung, Hunter L   08/18/2020   LCSO   FTA-PRETRIAL HRG  
TRD2002043A Metzung, Hunter L   08/18/2020   SPPD   FTA - PRETRIAL  
CRB2001603 Stewart, Nancy A   08/17/2020   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB1901023 Peterson, Lawrence L Jr   08/14/2020   SPPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1901351 Peterson, Lawrence L Jr   08/14/2020   SPPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2000051 Peterson, Lawrence L Jr   08/14/2020   SPPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD2002078A Coleman, Valyncia D   08/04/2020   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2001010 Elliott, Larry R   07/30/2020   SHF   FTA-PRETRIAL  
TRD2000680 Byers, Anthoni P   07/24/2020   LCSO   FTA-SENTENCING  
TRD2002223A Wells, Taylor M   07/24/2020   SMT   FTA ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD2001845A Dimmings, William D Jr   07/17/2020   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2001360 Jacobs, Andrew J   07/15/2020   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB2001330 Goodman, Sims E III   07/13/2020   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRA2001129 Torres Ramirez, Gerardo   07/01/2020   LCSO   BOND VIOLATION  
CRB2001130 Torres Ramirez, Gerardo   07/01/2020   LCSO   BOND VIOLATION  
TRC2001940A Torres Ramirez, Gerardo   07/01/2020   LCSO   BOND VIOLATION  
CRB2001164 Alves, Justin M   06/29/2020   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD2001699 Schultz, Karl J   06/26/2020   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD2001502 Pfingsten, Michele L   06/25/2020   LCSO   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD2000844A Antalik, Jacqueline M   06/23/2020   SHF   FTA-SENTENCING  
CRA2000603 Forsberg, Joshua C   06/23/2020   SPPD   FTA - PRELIMINARY  
TRD2001703A Rhoades, David A   06/23/2020   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD2001435A Jackson, Darius D   06/19/2020   SHF   FTA-PRETRIAL  
CRB1902117 Marshall, Shona M   06/19/2020   SHF   FTA-PRETRIAL  
CRB1901978 Blivens, Tina L   06/18/2020   SFHV   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1901712 Cruz, Levi J   06/18/2020   SFHV   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1902117 Marshall, Shona M   06/16/2020   SMT   FTA PRETRIAL  
CRB1902648 Davis, Nicole M   06/12/2020   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2000739 Hunter Johnson, Carleea M   06/11/2020   LCSO   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2000738 Smith, Marshawn A   06/11/2020   LCSO   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD2001439A Mauro Arana, Antonio   06/03/2020   SPV   FTA ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1902039 Feister, Travis L   05/29/2020   SHF   FAILURE APPEAR-JAIL  
CRB2000857 Henderson, Isaiah R   05/29/2020   LCSO   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD2001384A Henderson, Isaiah R   05/29/2020   LCSO   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1900306A Rock, Kimberly M   05/29/2020   SFHV   FTA PVH  
CRB2000741 Rutledge, Brenda J   05/29/2020   SHF   FTA ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD2000551A Spaller, Daniel A   05/28/2020   SHF   FTA PRETRIAL  
TRC1905340A Wharton, Robert E III   05/26/2020   LCSO   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2000158 Bidwell, David J   05/22/2020   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1902430 Davis, Randall D   05/22/2020   SPPD   FTA - PRETRIAL  
CRB2000694 Hunter Bey, Arjuna E   05/22/2020   SPPD   FTA - PRETRIAL  
TRD1901144A Spikes, Keith L   05/18/2020   SPPD   FTA - SENTENCING  
TRD1905256A Spikes, Keith L   05/18/2020   SFHV   FTA-SENTENCING  
CRB1901298 Bloomfield, Gabriel   05/15/2020   SMT   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1802441A Ferris, Tina A   05/15/2020   SMT   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2000150 Meeker, Michelle A   05/15/2020   SMT   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRC1906777A Morales, Samuel   05/15/2020   SPPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1800275A Parsons, Damon J   05/15/2020   SPPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2000153 Plumb, Robert A   05/15/2020   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB2000663A Blasiman, Shyann N   05/12/2020   SMT   FTA ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2000660 Manley, Melissa A   04/14/2020   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB1900492 Parker, Lacarlton D   03/13/2020   SMT   BOND REVOCATION  
TRC1901450A Parker, Lacarlton D   03/13/2020   SMT   BOND REVOCATION  
CRB1901730 Cook, Nagei C   03/12/2020   SPPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRA2000443 Goodman, Sims E III   03/09/2020   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD2000745A Reyes Miranda, Miguel   03/09/2020   PPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB2000409 Maldonado-Figueroa, Walter   03/06/2020   SPPD   PC WARRANT  
TRD2000718 Bond, Anthony D   03/04/2020   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD1905825A Blake, Carl O   02/27/2020   SHF   FTA-SENTENCING  
CRA2000337 Jordan, Jacqueline D   02/24/2020   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRA2000338 Jordan, Jacqueline D   02/24/2020   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD1906126A Huffman, Latricia D   02/19/2020   SHF   FTA-PRETRIAL  
TRD2000423A Abdullahi, Ahmed O   02/13/2020   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1900617 Garver, Tiffany F   02/13/2020   SPPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRC1702476A Sprowls, Marie M   02/13/2020   LCSO   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD1906004A Jacobs, Andrew J   02/07/2020   SHF   FTA-SENTENCING  
CRB1902211A Mcmann, Joseph R   02/03/2020   SHF   FTA-PRETRIAL  
TRD1905705 Mcmann, Joseph R   02/03/2020   SHF   FTA-PRETRIAL  
TRD2000036 Duby, Jason M   01/24/2020   LCSO   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1901095 Atwell, Dylan J   01/17/2020   SPPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD1906402A Sanford, Darlene R   01/16/2020   SHF   FTA SENTENCING  
CRB1900060 Romero, Jose V III   01/14/2020   SHF   PROBATION WARRANT  
CRB1902003 Bell, James T   01/13/2020   SPPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1901242A Lockwood, Ashley M   01/13/2020   SMT   FTA PRETRIAL  
CRA2000061 Atwell, Dylan J   01/09/2020   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRC1904898A Mccarthy, Danielle   01/09/2020   LCSO   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD1905439A Mason, Deborah M   01/08/2020   SHF   FTA-PRETRIAL  
CRB1902365 Palinkas, Terry L   12/13/2019   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB1901699E Barthol, Andreas H   12/12/2019   SFHV   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRA1902546A Kushlan, Courtney C   12/10/2019   SPPD   PC WARRANT  
TRD1906421A Thrash, Marcell L   12/10/2019   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRA1902530 Furman, Todd A   12/09/2019   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD1906329A Valdez Becerra, Antonio   12/04/2019   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRC1906364A Grajales, Cristian D   12/03/2019   LCSO   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRC1906288A Moreno Uvalle, Cesar A   12/03/2019   SPPD   FTA PT HRG  
CRB1902252 Santoro, Frank J   11/22/2019   SMT   FTA-PRETRIAL HRG  
TRD1904378 Osborne, Connor R   11/21/2019   SFHV   FTA-SENTENCING  
TRD1905222A Osborne, Connor R   11/21/2019   SFHV   FTA-SENTENCING  
TRD1905134A Dent, Isaiah K   11/19/2019   SPPD   FTA - PRETRIAL  
TRD1902254A Johnson, Brittany L   11/14/2019   SPPD   FTA - SENTENCING  
TRD1905201A Byous, Michael   11/12/2019   SHF   FTA-SENTENCING  
TRD1905158A Quiores- Collazo, Jose   11/07/2019   LCSO   FTA-SENTENCING  
TRD1903773A Engle, Andrew S   10/31/2019   SPPD   FTA - SENTENCING  
CRB1801977 Shanks, Andre D   10/31/2019   SPPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRA1902179 Helms, Kyle E   10/29/2019   SMT   FTA PRELIMINARY HRG  
CRB1902184A Helms, Kyle E   10/29/2019   SMT   FTA PRETRIAL  
CRB1902306 Judd, John W   10/29/2019   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD1904575A Saunders, Kevin M   10/16/2019   LCSO   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD1905435 Griffie, Larry   10/11/2019   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1901003B Blade, Emond D   10/09/2019   SPPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1801630 Jones, John H   10/09/2019   SMT   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1801975 Pippen, Adrian J   10/09/2019   SPPD   PROBATION WARRANT  
CRB1901764 Jent, Colby M   10/08/2019   SPPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1902029 Carpenter, Scott J   10/07/2019   LCSO   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD1903210A Farren, Joseph H   10/07/2019   LCSO   FTA-SENTENCING  
TRD1903676A Minor, Lydel   10/07/2019   SPPD   FTA-SENTENCING  
TRD1905358A Reynoso Hernandez, Miguel   10/07/2019   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRA1902147 Tuckey, Stephen M   10/07/2019   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRA1902148 Young, Kenneth R   10/07/2019   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB1901789A Miranda-Andino, Jose M   10/04/2019   PPD   FTA - PRETRIAL  
CRB1901607A Gonzalez, Edilberto J   10/02/2019   SPPD   FTA - PRETRIAL  
CRB1901873A Troglin, Daniel A   10/02/2019   SPPD   FTA - PRETRIAL  
TRD1808082A Marshall, Devin S   09/27/2019   SHF   FTA-SENTENCING  
CRB1901701 Martinez, Martin A   09/27/2019   SPPD   FTA - PRETRIAL  
CRB1901174A Marra, Paul C   09/16/2019   LCSO   FTA-PT HRG  
TRC1903431A Marra, Paul C   09/16/2019   LCSO   FTA-PT  
TRC1904970A Melone, Jason   09/16/2019   LCSO   FTA-PT  
CRA1901908 Barksdale, David J   09/06/2019   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRA1901906 Lipsey, Elizabeth A   09/06/2019   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB1901664 Fugate, Christopher   09/05/2019   PPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1901665 Fugate, Christopher   09/05/2019   PPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1901678A Fugate, Christopher   09/05/2019   SPPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1901578 Bramer, Billy R   08/30/2019   SPPD   FTA - PRETRIAL  
CRB1901754 Bramer, Billy R   08/30/2019   SMT   FTA ARR  
CRB1702520 Paul, Dominique A   08/30/2019   LCSO   PROBATION WARRANT  
TRC1707311A Paul, Dominique A   08/30/2019   LCSO   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1901656 Bramer, Billy R   08/28/2019   SMV   FTA PRETRIAL  
TRD1904467 Wilfong, Mark W   08/14/2019   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB1900974 Graley, Diane D   08/13/2019   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD1904281 Velez Irizarry, Enrique   08/09/2019   SMT   FTA ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD1903707A Collins, Alexus K   08/01/2019   SNPV   FTA PRETRIAL  
TRD1903922 Meraz, Julian F   08/01/2019   LCSO   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD1805254A Stone, Raymone F   08/01/2019   SPPD   FTA - SENTENCING  
CRB1901417 Wright, Richard E   08/01/2019   SFHV   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRC1904012A Johnson, Raeshaun   07/24/2019   LCSO   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRA1901545 Dawson, William A   07/23/2019   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD1903607A Mcelroy, Charles D Jr   07/22/2019   SPPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD1903649A Beaugard, Raymond O   07/19/2019   LCSO   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1901491 Gutierrez, Fernando M   07/17/2019   SPPD   PC WARRANT  
TRC1900567A Burris, Demetri J   07/15/2019   LCSO   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRC1903960 Camarillo-Hernandez, Juan J   07/15/2019   LCSO   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1802447 Roberts, Charles J   07/12/2019   SMT   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1802042 Grossman, Nicole S   07/09/2019   LCSO   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRC1805829A Rankins, Glen   07/02/2019   LCSO   FTA - PVH  
TRC1806300A Rankins, Glen   06/28/2019   SHF   FTA-PROB VIOL HRG  
CRB1901234 Kramer, Joseph A   06/24/2019   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD1903174A Hernandez Aguilar, Luis   06/20/2019   SPPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD1902100A Gawrys, Christian A   06/18/2019   SPPD   FTA - SENTENCING  
TRC1903130A Ford, Tanisha   06/17/2019   LCSO   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD1807634 Reynolds, Charles T   06/17/2019   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1900519B Bibeault, Ellien F   06/13/2019   SMT   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD1902983A Brinkley, Jennifer L   06/13/2019   SPPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
CRA1901131 Eason, Jack J   06/11/2019   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB1800554A Kasich, Steven D   06/03/2019   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1900945 Newton, Tristan R   05/31/2019   PPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1801151 Thornton, Quardarell D   05/31/2019   SPPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRA1900891 Avery, Jacqueline O   05/30/2019   SMV   FTA ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1900963A Copfer, Marcellina L   05/30/2019   LCSO   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1900913 Lawson, Justin L   05/30/2019   SFHV   FTA-PRETRIAL  
TRC1902716A Padilla, Jose   05/30/2019   LCSO   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1900469 Polk, Kathleen A   05/17/2019   SMT   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRA1900918A Gaines, Lateef   05/13/2019   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB1601948A Kostal, Camille R   05/13/2019   SFHV   FTA-SENTENCING  
TRD1901940A Razo Saldana, Juan A   05/03/2019   SPPD   FTA - ARRIAGNMENT  
CRA1900656A Manley, Melissa A   04/25/2019   LCSO   FTA-PRELIMINARY HRG  
CRB1900658 Manley, Melissa A   04/25/2019   LCSO   FTA-PRETRIAL HRG  
TRD1807309A Manley, Melissa A   04/25/2019   LCSO   FTA-PT  
TRD1901887A Johnson, Lashon A   04/18/2019   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRA1900741 Badley, Dehashamon T   04/16/2019   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB1900742A Badley, Dehashamon T   04/16/2019   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB1802413A Hall, Ebony D   04/16/2019   SPPD   FTA - PRETRIAL  
CRA1900246 Hunt, Rashad A   04/15/2019   LCSO   FTA-PH  
TRD1900638 Hunt, Rashad A   04/15/2019   LCSO   FTA-PT  
TRD1901536 Lee, Yvonne K   04/15/2019   LCSO   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD1901334 Sandor, Megan A   04/04/2019   SMT   FTA ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD1700369A Brewer, Terry L Jr   04/01/2019   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRA1900168 Rettig, Leonard C   04/01/2019   SMV   FTA ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1900586 Young, Kenneth R   04/01/2019   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB1900438A Rubly, Heather N   03/29/2019   LCSO   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD1901023A Luna Ramos, Mauro   03/28/2019   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD1807851A Mcabrew, Rose M   03/28/2019   SHF   FTA-SENTENCING  
TRD1900155A Peters, Philip M   03/25/2019   SPV   FTA PRETRIAL  
TRD1900773 Dickson, Glen   03/22/2019   LCSO   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1900498 Mejia, Byron   03/20/2019   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB1900262A Sherels, Gregory A   03/19/2019   SPPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1900356A Fialko, Frank M   03/14/2019   SPPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD1900897A Webb, Cody F   03/14/2019   PPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1802454B Martin, Matias S   03/07/2019   SPPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1800987 Simmons, Otis P   03/07/2019   SPPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD1807180A Martin, Matias S   02/28/2019   PPD   FTA-SENTENCING  
TRD1807845A Martin, Matias S   02/28/2019   PPD   FTA-SENTENCING  
CRB1802320 Rodriguez-Zamudio, Juan Carlos   02/28/2019   SHF   FTA-PRETRIAL  
CRB1802321A Rodriguez-Zamudio, Juan Carlos   02/28/2019   SHF   FTA-PRETRIAL  
TRD1900504A Bailey, Joseph S   02/22/2019   SPPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1900169 Berkman, Brian D   02/22/2019   SPPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1802053 Shoenberger, Rachel R   02/21/2019   SMT   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1700579 Bishop, Camo II   02/14/2019   SPPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRC1702502A Kelly, Chad   02/14/2019   LCSO   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1900190 Alves, Justin M   01/28/2019   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD1808084A Fedrick, Kenneth L Jr   01/23/2019   SPPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT.  
TRC1806708A Wrobleski, Kevin B Jr   01/17/2019   LCSO   PROBATION WARRANT  
TRD1807050A Guzman Rodriguez, Nelson O   01/15/2019   SPPD   FTA - SENTENCING  
CRB1801573B Michna, Lacey R   12/20/2018   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRC1805651A Michna, Lacey R   12/20/2018   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1801380 Boggan, Summer M   12/13/2018   SPPD   PROBATION VIOATION  
TRD1806980 Posey, Lejesus   12/13/2018   PPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1800630 Thompson, Rachel M   12/10/2018   SPPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD1805299 Robinson, Craig S   12/06/2018   LCSO   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRA1802092 Gibson, Kodii D   11/28/2018   LCSO   FTA-PH  
CRB1802093A Gibson, Kodii D   11/28/2018   LCSO   FTA-PT  
CRB1802373A Russell, Michael J Jr   11/19/2018   SMT   PROB CAUSE  
CRB1802369A Russell, Michael J Sr   11/19/2018   SMT   PROB CAUSE  
TRD1805068B Kibler, Clifford L   11/07/2018   SMT   FTR TO JAIL  
CVF1401038 Cover, Anna M.   10/26/2018   LCSD   CONTEMPT  
CRB1801922 Fitzgerald, Patrick A   10/18/2018   SPPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1800511A Reynolds, Dwayne J   10/10/2018   SMT   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1801742A Swindell, Jerome A   09/26/2018   SFHV   FTA PRETRIAL  
TRD1806364A Turner, Adam C   09/21/2018   SHF   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1801101 Choueiry, Daniel F   09/20/2018   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB1801640 Horton, George T   09/20/2018   LCSO   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD1805939A Devadan, Paul D   09/14/2018   SPPD   FTA - ARRIAGNMENT  
CRB1801866 Zucco, Gregory S   09/13/2018   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB1800921A Anderson, Antonio C   09/04/2018   SFHV   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1800874 Smith, Emily M   08/29/2018   PPD   FTA-PRETRIAL  
CRB1800106 Eutsey, Jamal P   08/27/2018   PPD   FTA-PRETRIAL  
CRB1702546A Steele, Reginald D   08/27/2018   SPPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1800093A Eutsey, Jamal P   08/24/2018   LCSO   FTA-PT HEARING  
TRD1800102A Eutsey, Jamal P   08/24/2018   LCSO   FTA-PT HEARING  
CRB1400543 Holland, Richard T   08/24/2018   PPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRC1802846A Hunter, Ashleigh J   08/24/2018   PPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRC1800809A Solis, Emigdio   08/21/2018   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB1400346 Croskey, Deadrain L   08/09/2018   SPPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1801395A Avery, Jacqueline O   08/06/2018   SMV   FTA ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD1804527A Hatcher, Jalel R   08/01/2018   LCSO   FTAARRAIGNMENT  
TRC1802848A Romberger, Charles R Sr   07/26/2018   LCSO   FTA-PT  
CRB1801453 Vargas-Lopez, Oscar   07/26/2018   LCSO   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRC1805128A Vargas-Lopez, Oscar   07/26/2018   LCSO   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1600790 Perez-Rodriquez, Eduardo   07/19/2018   SPPD   FTA - PRETRIAL  
TRC1706549A Spence, Devin T   07/10/2018   LCSO   PROBATION WARRANT  
TRC1702088A Bramwell, Daniel S   07/09/2018   LCSO   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1801113A Correia, Steven A   07/09/2018   LCSO   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1800845 Choueiry, Daniel F   06/18/2018   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB1801222 Cruz, Kelvin   06/18/2018   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB1701801 Keener, Matthew J   06/14/2018   SMTP   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD1801130A Sanchez Vega, Jose N   06/08/2018   SPPD   FTA - PRETRIAL  
CRB1800758 Peterson, Tiffanie M   06/01/2018   LCSO   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1800757 Mellinger, Jacob M   05/22/2018   LCSO   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD1802365A Mellinger, Jacob M   05/22/2018   LCSO   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1800636 Choueiry, Daniel F   05/18/2018   SHF   FTA-PRETRIAL  
TRD1800606A Mackesy, Virgie A   05/18/2018   SHF   FTA-PRETRIAL  
CRB1800956A Newcomb, Anna B   05/14/2018   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRA1800637 Richardson, Douglas R   05/14/2018   SPV   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRA1800913 Luce, Joseph E   05/08/2018   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB1800914 Luce, Joseph E   05/08/2018   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD1801956A Phillips, Varsalles V Jr   05/07/2018   LCSO   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD1800891 Thorne, Ellen M   05/03/2018   SHF   FTA-SENTENCING  
CRB1701782 Comstock, Sarah L   04/17/2018   LCSO   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1800400 Basco, Ronald J   02/21/2018   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CVI1700646 Loyd, Jeff L.   02/21/2018   SHF   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
CRB1800393 Melendez-Vega, Luis A   02/20/2018   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRC1707310A Ruiz Flores, John   01/31/2018   LCSO   FTA-PRETRIAL HEARING  
CRB1800121 Suchy, Crystal D   01/26/2018   SPPD   FTA - PRETRIAL  
TRD1707630A Surratt, Kevin D   01/26/2018   LCSO   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRA1800160 Begley, Vincent G   01/17/2018   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB1800161 Pendley, Tanya L   01/17/2018   SPPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD1604430 Szalma, Karen   01/11/2018   LCSO   FTA-PRETRIAL HRG  
CRB1702538 Davis, Stacy L   01/03/2018   SFHV   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD1706364 Fields, Ray J   12/21/2017   LCSO   FTA-PRETRIAL HRG  
CRB1702389 Lago, Jamie A   12/14/2017   SMT   FTA ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1702125 Fields, Ray J   12/12/2017   LCSO   FTA-PRETRIAL HEARING  
CRB1702369 Basco, Ronald J   12/01/2017   PPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1702374 Lago, Jamie A   11/14/2017   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB1701674A Buck, Matthew W   11/08/2017   SMT   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1602683 Gaines, Michael A   10/23/2017   SPPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1700027 Gaines, Michael A   10/23/2017   SMT   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1701050B Fusselman, Donald N   10/20/2017   LCSO   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1701868 Gjonnes, Kyle E   10/11/2017   SMT   FTA ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD1705265A Guzman Soto, Misael   10/11/2017   PPD   FTA - PRETRIAL  
CRB1702099 Miller, Charles E   10/11/2017   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRC1703585A Fuller, Ramon D Jr   09/18/2017   LCSO   FTA-PRETRIAL  
CRB1701745 Gonzalez Rodriguez, Jose A   09/18/2017   SMT   FTA PRETRIAL  
CRB1701743 Perez Torres, William E   09/18/2017   SMT   FTA PRETRIAL  
CRA1701879 Rangel-Saldana, Norberto   09/11/2017   PPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB1701590 Seper, Francis D   08/29/2017   SHF   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
TRD1704673A Burgess, Christion D   08/22/2017   PPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
TRC1703786A Lopez-Lopez, Alberto   08/15/2017   SHF   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
TRD1703812A Poston, Monte   08/03/2017   PPD   FTA - PRETRIAL  
TRD1701679A Brown, Kathryn   07/27/2017   LCSO   FTA-SENTENCING  
CRA1701495 Hernandez De Godinez, Filomena   07/24/2017   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB1701340 Thomas, Donte R   07/18/2017   SHF   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
CRB1602083A Siembida, Sheena N   07/17/2017   SLMP   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD1703385A Gonzalez, Guy M   07/11/2017   SMV   FTA ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1701169 Baker, Steven E   07/10/2017   PPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
TRC1702410A Rangel Saldana, Norberto   07/10/2017   PPD   FTA - PRETRIAL  
CRA1701417 Williams, Larenza   07/07/2017   DRUG   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRC1702303A Delgado-Segoviano, Jov   06/14/2017   LCSO   FTA-PT HEARING  
CRB1602242 Bennien, Frank C   06/13/2017   PPD   FTA - REVIEW HEARING  
CRB1700143 Bennien, Frank C   06/13/2017   PPD   FTA - REVIEW HEARING  
CVI1700246 Sobers, William   06/08/2017   SHF   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
CRB1701085 Washington, Carnell   05/31/2017   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD1607041A Chapman, Toki   05/17/2017   SHF   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
CRB1602881 Bennien, Frank C   05/15/2017   PPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1700704A Meeks, Jon D   05/11/2017   PPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1700711 Peacock, John T   05/09/2017   PPD   FTA - ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1700840A Gaines, Michael A   05/01/2017   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRC1603077B Long, Daniel R   04/26/2017   LCSO   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRC1701481A Dowdy, Jennifer   04/05/2017   LCSO   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRC1700692A Rai, Tula   04/05/2017   LCSO   FTA PT HEARING  
CRB1700641 Frias-Ramirez, Juan A   03/31/2017   PPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRC1605478A Williams, Faith T   03/07/2017   SMV   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRC1502855A Ciammaichella, Kenneth J   02/27/2017   SMT   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD1607105A Jackson, Kari A   02/27/2017   LCSO   FTA-SENTENCING  
CRA1700099 Rodriguez-Gordillo, Silvano   02/16/2017   LCSO   FTA-PRELIMINARY HRG  
CRB1700294 Collins, Donna M   02/13/2017   SHF   PCH  
CRB1700100A Brown, Robert A   02/08/2017   SMT   FTA PRETRIAL  
CRB1700238 Pulliam, Joshua L   02/06/2017   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB1602624 Lafond, Joshua A   02/01/2017   LCSO   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD1607177 Fearon, Timothy M   01/24/2017   LCSO   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1700160 Moye, Brandon L   01/24/2017   SFHV   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRC1602976A Rivera, Evelyss M   01/10/2017   LCSO   FTA-PT  
CRB1302393 Weindel, Patricia A   01/05/2017   PPD   PROBATION  
CRA1700022 Williams, Jamie D   01/05/2017   PPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB1500136 Newman, Dazelle T   12/21/2016   SFHV   FTA SENTENCE COMPL  
CRB1601241 Burgess, Levell S   12/19/2016   PPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1601902 Burgess, Levell S   12/19/2016   PPD   PROBATIO VIOLATION  
TRD1605507 Lovelace, Linell L III   12/16/2016   LCSO   FTA PT  
CRB1602515 Mitchell, David A   12/16/2016   LCSO   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1601674 Eh, Poe D   12/01/2016   LCSO   FTA-RSC HRG  
TRC1506656A Wheeler, David   12/01/2016   LCSO   FTA-RSC HEARING  
TRD1406460A Stanley, Sharon L   11/04/2016   SMT   FTA SENTENCE COMPL  
CRB1601643 Delvalle, Cari J   10/25/2016   SMT   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD1602906 Cobb, Shawntiva L   10/19/2016   SPPD   FTA-SENTENCING  
TRD1605396A Smith, Kadasia   10/19/2016   LCSO   FTA- ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1601920 Murillo-Reyes, Cristian   10/07/2016   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRA1502020 Riestra, Luis M   10/05/2016   SPPD   PROBATION VOLATION  
CRB1601925 Braden, Richard C   09/28/2016   SMT   FTA PRETRIAL  
TRC1604788A Braden, Richard C   09/28/2016   SMT   FTA PRETRIAL  
TRC1604991A Guerrero, Rodrigo   09/21/2016   LCSO   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
TRD1306993A Morell, Tracy A   09/13/2016   SHF   FAIL TO APPEAR  
CRB1600845 Minter, Stacey L   08/31/2016   LCSO   FTA-COP HRG  
TRC1602246A Minter, Stacey L   08/31/2016   LCSO   FTA-COP  
CRB1600268 Estrada, Erick A   07/21/2016   PPD   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
CRB1601366 Ruff, Leone D   07/21/2016   PPD   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
CRB1601365 Edwards, Alexus R   07/15/2016   PPD   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
CRB1600998A Rich, James   06/23/2016   LCSO   FTA-ARRIAGNMENT  
TRD1405226A Parra, Oscar O   06/21/2016   SHF   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
TRC1301733B Apolinar, Heriberto   06/09/2016   MTPD   FTA-RSC HRG  
TRD1601339 Williams, James L   06/03/2016   PPD   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
CRB1501839 Montgomery, Andrew P   05/31/2016   SHF   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
CRB1600784 Pacely, James L Jr   05/25/2016   LCSO   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1600869 Smith, Joshua D   05/25/2016   LCSO   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRA1601051 Sullivan, Kyle D   05/18/2016   SHF   PCH  
CRB1600566 Morse, Brandon M   05/17/2016   MV   FTA PRE TRIAL  
TRD1601346A Morse, Brandon M   05/17/2016   SMV   FTA PRE TRIAL  
TRD1601710A Hood, George A Jr   05/03/2016   SMV   FTA ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD1600285A Carr, Akiva M   04/27/2016   LCSO   FTA-RSC HRG  
CRB1600123 Carr, Akiva M   04/26/2016   LCSO   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1600631A Mctighe, Thomas J III   04/20/2016   LMP   FTA ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1600676 Rainey, Marquette A   04/05/2016   PPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB1501690 Anderson, Michael A   03/22/2016   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRA1600383 Smith, Ricardo Dawon R   03/17/2016   PPD   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
TRD1600866 Smith, Ricardo Dawon R   03/17/2016   PPD   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
CRB1500888 Borrero, Jose M   02/25/2016   MTPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD1500725A Hamilton, Fabian K   02/25/2016   PPD   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
CRA1502020 Riestra, Luis M   02/25/2016   PPD   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
TRD1504317C Suarez, Jaime Jr   02/25/2016   PPD   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
TRC0506876A Hanel, Joseph D   02/24/2016   LCSO   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1502188 Puckett, Alicia M   02/03/2016   SHF   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
CRB1502548 Puckett, Alicia M   02/03/2016   PPD   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
CRB1502008 Mosser, Michelle D   01/20/2016   MTPD   PROBATION VIOLAT  
TRC0506876A Hanel, Joseph D   12/30/2015   LCSO   FTA SENTENCE COMPL  
CRA1502607A Karaffa, Benjamin J   12/29/2015   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD1505716A Mincy, Alex D   12/18/2015   MVPD   FTA-PRETRIAL  
TRD1505712A Hill, Antonio D   11/30/2015   FHPD   FTA-ARRAIGNEMNT  
CRB1501785 Malloy, Michael A   11/05/2015   MTPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD1505041A Filorio-Reyes, Jose J   10/21/2015   PPD   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
CRB1501637 Schuffels, Casie A   09/09/2015   PPD   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
CRB1500590A Raimey, Paulette S   08/31/2015   SMT   PROBATION VIOLTION  
CRA1501484 Hardy, Tamara L   07/31/2015   PPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB1501485A Hardy, Tamara L   07/31/2015   PPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD1503336A Smith, Harrison R   07/23/2015   SHF   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
CRB1500919 Richard, Kendric L   06/26/2015   MTPD   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRA1402321 Booker, Bryan D   06/23/2015   MVPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1500872 Aurora, Nazereth J   06/18/2015   SHF   PCH  
TRC1501041B Johnson, Andre Q   06/18/2015   LCSO   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1500841 Carlson, Emily R   06/16/2015   MTPD   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRD1501199A Myricks, Kathryn E   06/15/2015   SHF   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
CRB1501020 Aurora, Nazereth J   06/08/2015   PPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRA1500871 Aurora, Nazereth J   06/05/2015   SHF   PCH  
CRB1402008 Farinacci, Jason A   06/05/2015   MTPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1301671 Heald, Paul E   05/22/2015   SMV   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD1501556A Gonzales, William   04/28/2015   MTPD   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRA1400397 Smith, Timothy J   04/20/2015   MTPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1402587 Williams, Donathan E   04/17/2015   PPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRA1401152 Clark, Davon J   04/16/2015   SHBP   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD1407173A Chapman, Dymond   04/14/2015   PPD   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
CRB1402018A Rivera, Adriana A   03/23/2015   SHF   CONTEMPT OF COURT  
CRB1500247 Barrios, Jonatan   03/06/2015   PPD   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
CRB1500286 Giffin, Brad A   03/06/2015   MTPD   FTA ARRIAGNMENT  
CRA1500026 Markgraf, Anthony C   03/06/2015   MTPD   FTA-PH  
TRC1405728A Zimmerman, Dale J   03/02/2015   LCSO   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRC1500015A Griffin, Kimberly A   02/17/2015   LCSD   FTA PRE TRIAL  
TRC1402688B Wright, Lisa F   02/10/2015   PPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRA1500195 Schultz, Michelle L   02/02/2015   MTPD   PCH  
CRB1401670 Rice, Rebecca L   01/30/2015   PPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRA1500117 Markgraf, Anthony C   01/21/2015   SMT   PCH  
CRB1500119 Markgraf, Anthony C   01/21/2015   SMT   PCH  
TRD1405767A Estrada Rodriguez, Jesus   12/31/2014   MTPD   FTA-SENTENCING  
CRB1101686 Kidd, Nicole R   12/22/2014   MVPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRA1402712 Sweitzer, Andrew J   12/22/2014   SMT   PCH  
CRB1402715 Sweitzer, Andrew J   12/22/2014   SMT   PCH  
CRB1402549 Hurst, Nicholas R   12/11/2014   SHF   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
TRC1406695B Gates, Ellen M   12/08/2014   LCSD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD1405719A Newbill, Warren D   11/05/2014   SHF   FTA (BOND $500 +FEE)  
CRB1402369 Mcdonald, Deleon L   10/28/2014   PPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRC1405754A Maldonado Lopez, Jorge L   10/20/2014   LCSD   FTA PRE TRIAL  
CRB1402028 Collins, Daric L   10/02/2014   MVPD   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1401913 Moore, Richard S   09/25/2014   MTPD   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1401955 Mahmoud, Danny   09/08/2014   MTPD   PCH  
TRD1405175A Austin, Stacey N   08/26/2014   PPD   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
CRB1401832A Luebke, Joseph E   08/26/2014   PPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD1404278A Raley, Jennifer J   08/04/2014   LCSO   FAT-PRETRIAL  
TRD1404270A Wright, Lisa F   07/29/2014   PPD   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
TRD1402735A Sanchez, Angel G   07/25/2014   PPD   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
TRD1403881A Reyes-Aguirre, Martin   07/10/2014   SHF   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
TRC1306957B Aguirre, Martin   06/18/2014   LCSD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD1403005A Donovan, Finola M   06/13/2014   OSP   FTA-ARRAIGMENT  
CRB1302469 Nichols, Angela M   06/09/2014   MVPD   PROBATION VIOLA  
CRB1400284 Castillo-Valdez, Saul E   05/20/2014   PPD   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
TRD1402308A Pendleton, Aaron T   05/09/2014   PPD   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
TRC1105227B Gibson, Donald J   04/07/2014   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1400217 Rodriguez, Salvador   03/13/2014   LCSO   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB1400275 Martinez, Miguel A   03/06/2014   LCSD   FRA-PT; BOND=$250  
TRC1400971A Martinez, Miguel A   03/06/2014   LCSD   FTA; PRETRIAL  
CRB1302100 Serrano, Osvaldo   01/29/2014   PPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRA1400112A Potwin, Michael J   01/21/2014   PPD   PC  
CRA1302421 Oathout, Samantha A   01/14/2014   MTPD   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1300572 Pacheco, Juan C   01/06/2014   PPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1302399 Latten, William A Jr   11/22/2013   PPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB1301086 Gordon, James A   11/15/2013   PPD   FTA  
CRA1302047 Tavarez, Mario R   10/29/2013   PPD   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
CRB1302044 Tavarez, Mario R   10/29/2013   PPD   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
TRC1305185A Pena-Lopez, Jonathan   10/08/2013   LCSD   FTA-PRETRIAL  
TRD1304336A Estevez, Alfonso   10/04/2013   PPD   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
CRB1301314 Johnson, William A   09/10/2013   SHBP   FTA-PRETRIAL  
TRD1302842A Morrison, Jamesetta L   08/28/2013   LCSO   FTA-SENTENCING  
TRD1304308 Rodriguez Ruiz, Cristian J   08/05/2013   SHBP   FTA--ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB1202551B Gillespie, James R   06/10/2013   PPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB1300807 Silva, Robert S   05/30/2013   PPD   FAIURE TO APPEAR  
CRA1300836 Crissman, Lisa M   05/20/2013   MTPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD1300230 Pierson, Jasmine M   03/29/2013   PPD   FTA/SENTENCING  
TRC1206513A Gallion, Joshua L   02/26/2013   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD1201978B Dzuris, Korey W   01/11/2013   GRPD   CT. OF CT.  
TRC1200336B Fitzgerald, Christine D   01/03/2013   MTPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD1104891A Battle, Arthur L III   10/31/2012   PPD   CONTEMPT, $410  
TRD1104891A Battle, Arthur L III   10/31/2012   PPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD1203285 Linwood, Andre E   10/26/2012   LCSD   C/C;BOND-$350  
TRD1201806B Tyson, Jessica L   10/25/2012   MVPD   CT. OF CT.  
CRA1202354A Alvarado, Raul   10/24/2012   PPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB1201106 Judd, Joseph W   08/31/2012   PVPD   CT. OF CT.  
TRD1202029A Ortiz, Luis A   08/22/2012   MTPD   FTA  
CRB1201486 Consolo, William F Jr   08/08/2012   SHBP   FTA-ARR; BOND-$190  
TRD1202324A Bonini, Noelle E   07/27/2012   PPD   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
CRA1201044 Tersigni, John C   07/27/2012   MVPD   FTA  
CRB1201045 Tersigni, John C   07/27/2012   MVPD   FTA  
CRB1201359 Brown, Gregory A   07/24/2012   PPD   FTA, BOND $190  
TRD1201374A Bracken, Tami R   07/18/2012   MTPD   FTA  
CRB1200880 Perez, Ivan   07/09/2012   GRPD   CT. OF CT.  
CRA1200971 Womac, Stevie   05/14/2012   MTPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRA1200891 Gould, David M   05/10/2012   SHF   BOND REVOCATION  
TRD1106228A Helton, Scott A   04/05/2012   SHF   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
CRA1200474 Mihus, Oleh   03/08/2012   SHF   PC  
TRD1200199B Lopez-Vargas, Ricardo   03/02/2012   MVPD   CT. OF CT.  
TRC1200029A Yefraimov, Yevgeniy   02/28/2012   SHF   FTA/PRETRIAL  
CRB1102595 Pastor, David   01/26/2012   PPD   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
CRB1101853 Judd, Zachary   01/12/2012   MTPD   PROB. VIOL  
CRA1000042B Judd, Zachary W   01/12/2012   MTPD   PROB. VIOL  
TRD1104833A Morales-Garcia, Victor E   12/29/2011   PPD   FTA, BOND $500  
CVF0802344 Frye, Marlin   12/23/2011   LCCS   CONTEMPT/FAIL TO APP  
CRA1102549 Hudson, Darius L   12/12/2011   SHF   PCH  
CRB1102294 Davies, Raymond J   11/22/2011   MTPD   FTA  
TRD1104086B Crutchfield, Martin G   11/07/2011   FHPD   CT. OF CT.  
CRA1102190A Davis, Nykeisha S   10/19/2011   SHF   PCH  
CRA1100070B Rouse, Dominique A   10/07/2011   PPD   PV  
CRA1100070B Rouse, Dominique A   10/07/2011   PPD   CONTEMPT $596  
CRB1101579 Fountain, Lawrence D   09/22/2011   ODNR   FTA/ARR;BOND:$220.00  
TRD1104133A Negron-Morris, Adan   09/22/2011   PPD   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
TRD1102341A Cuiping, Ma   07/21/2011   PPD   FTA  
CRB1100909 Jones, William   07/20/2011   WILD   CONTEMPT:$220  
CRA1101063 Bender, Donald K   06/21/2011   DRUG   PCH  
CRA1100943 Velecina, Edmar   06/08/2011   PPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CVF0001039 Jones, Deborah L.   05/31/2011   LCSD   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
CRB1100332A Mckenzie, James W   05/19/2011   PPD   FTA FOR PRETRIAL DIV  
TRD1100735A Christmas, Vincent A   04/18/2011   SAHF   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
CRB0901957 Johnson, Daniel S   04/08/2011   FHPD   CT. OF CT.  
CVF0800773 Brown, Roger   03/28/2011   LCSD   CONTEMPT OF COURT  
CVF0900759 Valley, Bruce A.   03/28/2011   LCSD   CONTEMPT OF COURT  
TRD1005809A Romero-Vera, Jose G   02/15/2011   PPD   CONTEMPT/F&C.  
CRA1100142 Skaruppa, Timothy J   02/11/2011   LCNA   FTA PH  
CRA1100215 Soto, Armondo J   02/08/2011   PPD   PROBABLE CAUSE.  
CRA1001404A May, Andrew J   02/03/2011   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRC1005714A Rodriguez, Jorge   12/29/2010   LCSD   FTA/PRETRIAL  
TRC1005820A Lopez, Pedro D   12/10/2010   LCSD   FTA/PRETRIAL  
CRA1002764A Lykes, Marquetta F   12/06/2010   FHPD   PCH  
CRB1002763A Lykes, Marquetta F   12/06/2010   SFHV   PCH  
CRB1002116 Hernandez, Rafael   12/02/2010   PPD   FAILED TO APPEAR.  
CRB1002055 Calhoun, Forrest   11/09/2010   PPD   FAILED TO APPEAR.  
CRB1002112 Ramirez, Gilberto   11/08/2010   PPD   FAILED TO APPEAR.  
CRA1002505A Ross, William L   10/28/2010   SHF   PCH  
CRB1002206 Garay-Rios, Fernando M   10/25/2010   PPD   FAILED TO APPEAR.  
CRB1001731 Daquila, Nicholas F   09/15/2010   SMT   FTA  
CRA1001721 Nichols, Shaterri D   07/29/2010   PPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD1003210A Araujo Nicasio, Jose C   07/21/2010   PPD   FTA-SENTENCING  
TRC1003042A Veloz-Alonso, Juan J   07/16/2010   LCSD   FTA-PRETRIAL  
TRC1002178A Padilla, Juan M   06/17/2010   SMT   FTA PRETRIAL  
CRA1001203A Kolesar, William R   06/10/2010   PPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB1001205 Kolesar, William R   06/10/2010   PPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB1000588 Swords, Danny E   04/21/2010   SMT   FAIL/APPEAR/PT  
TRC1001520A Swords, Danny E   04/21/2010   SMT   FAIL/APPEAR/PT  
CRA1000171 Nagy, Ahmed H   02/03/2010   SHF   PCH  
CRB0902514 St Clair, Dorothy D   12/30/2009   PPD   PROBABLE CAUSE.  
TRD0906170A Severino, Anthony L   11/25/2009   PPD   FAILED TO APPEAR.  
CRB0902195 Rivera-Guerrero, Jorge A   10/26/2009   PPD   FAILED TO APPEAR  
TRC0905355A Rivera-Guerrero, Jorge A   10/26/2009   PPD   FAILED TO APPEAR.  
TRD0904924A Mitchell, Paul F   10/15/2009   LCSD   CONTEMPT, $346.00  
CRB0901278A Lindley, David A   09/10/2009   LCSD   CONTEMPT, $450.00  
CRB0901869 Stafford, Glenn D   09/02/2009   ODNR   FTA-ARRAIGNMENT  
TRC0900964A Elersic, Sandra M   08/06/2009   PPD   FAILED TO APPEAR.  
CRB0900907A Baumann, Richard P   07/27/2009   SMT   PROB CAUSE HRG  
CRB0700276 Trimble, Vanessa F   06/30/2009   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB0800227 Trimble, Vanessa F   06/30/2009   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRA0701166 Hulbert, Timothy J   05/06/2009   SHF   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
CRA0900727 Iniguez-Delacruz, Miguel A   04/28/2009   PPD   FAILED TO APPEAR.  
TRD0607900A Trimble, Vanessa F   04/09/2009   PPD   CONTEMPT/F&C.  
TRD0900185A Byrge, James T   04/08/2009   PPD   FAILED TO APPEAR.  
CRA0900544 Alvarez-Lozano, Alonso   04/02/2009   PPD   FAILED TO APPEAR.  
CRB0900545A Alvarez-Lozano, Alonso   04/02/2009   PPD   FAILED TO APPEAR.  
CRB0803004 Woodby, Bobbie E   03/23/2009   SMT   PROB CAUSE HRG  
CRB0802014 Little, Janie L   02/23/2009   SHF   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
CRB0900136 Sigala-Andalon, Sergio   02/18/2009   SHF   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
CRB0802532 Dean, Betsy B   12/11/2008   PPD   FAILED TO APPEAR  
CVF0600640 Shepard, Leslie   11/19/2008   LCSD   CONTEMPT  
CRB0802356 Sawle, Justin M   10/30/2008   SMT   FAIL/APPEAR/SENTENCE  
CRB0800478 Henderson, Hugh A Jr   09/25/2008   SHF   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRA0801686 Melzer, Robert A   08/15/2008   SMV   FAIL/APPEAR/ARR  
TRC0803662A Rodriguez, Roman R   07/23/2008   PPD   FAILED TO APPEAR  
CRB0801420 Rodriguez-Rivera, Roman   07/23/2008   PPD   FAILED TO APPEAR  
TRC0802816A Oboyle, Michael S   06/16/2008   SHF   FAILED TO APPEAR  
CRA0800809A Nieves, Jose L   06/11/2008   PPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRA0800713 Ashcraft, Rebecca T   05/20/2008   SMT   PROB CAUSE HRG  
CRB0800536 Varner, Herman T   05/20/2008   SMT   PROB CAUSE HRG  
TRD0802170A Brown, Ian D   05/15/2008   SMV   FAIL/APPEAR/ARR  
TRD0800860A Malagon-Valdez, Ramon   04/23/2008   PPD   FAILED TO APPEAR  
TRC0406108A Gomez Reyes, Oscar D   04/18/2008   LCSD   FAIL TO APPEAR-PT  
CRA0800750A Nieves, Jose L   04/09/2008   PPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRA0700787 Jones, Rakim   03/20/2008   PPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRA0702130 Jones, Rakim M   03/20/2008   PPD   PROBATION VIOLATION  
TRD0800006B Kuester, Cody J   03/07/2008   LCSD   CONTEMPT, $396.00  
CRB0800144 Pacheco, Reyes   02/06/2008   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/ARR  
CRB0800272 Nieves, Jose L   02/05/2008   PPD   PORB CAUSE HRG  
TRD0707541B Leon-Martinez, Juan   01/23/2008   PPD   PROB VIOL  
CRB0702800 Munoz, Luis A   01/18/2008   PPD   CONTEMPT, BOND VIOL  
TRD0707559A Villanvena, Jose L   12/27/2007   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/PT  
CRB0702583 Tyler, Sharnita   12/13/2007   PPD   FTA/ARRAIGNMENT  
CRA0702637 Cruz-Salinas, Ruben   11/30/2007   PPD   FAIL/APPEA/PRL HRG  
CRB0702649 Soto-Vera, Octavio R   11/14/2007   PPD   PROB CAUSE HRG  
CRA0701630 Hauswirth, John L   10/03/2007   SFHV   FAIL TO APPEAR-PH  
CRB0701314 Ramos, Jose M   09/13/2007   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/SENTENCE  
CRB0701835A Palma-Infante, Roberto C   08/29/2007   SHF   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
TRD0704953A Palma-Infante, Roberto C   08/29/2007   SHF   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
CVF0501820 Bond, Thomas D.   08/21/2007   LCSD   CONTEMPT/FAIL TO APP  
CRA0701748 Ramos-Martinez, Jose M   08/21/2007   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/PREL HRG  
CRA0701786 Rhoton, Vern M   08/03/2007   SHF   PCH  
CRB0701787 Rhoton, Vern M   08/03/2007   SHF   PCH  
TRD0701990A Powell, Rhan X   06/28/2007   SHF   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
CRA0701279 Alvarado, Raul   06/19/2007   PPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB0701280 Alvarado, Raul   06/19/2007   PPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRA0701097 Quezada-Rodriguez, Balvino   06/01/2007   PPD   PROB CAUSE HRG  
CRB0600524 Venegas-Reyes, Mario A   03/28/2007   PPD   PROB VIOLATION  
TRC0700459A Palomino Rodriguez, Javier   03/16/2007   LCSD   CONTEMPT/BOND:$763  
CRA0700325 Muterez-Francisco, Jose   02/23/2007   PPD   PROB CAUSE HEARING  
CRB0700326 Muterez-Francisco, Jose   02/23/2007   PPD   PROB CAUSE HEARING  
TRD0607442A Gillispie, Devin J   12/14/2006   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/ARR  
CRB0602686 Carberry, Charlene   12/13/2006   SHF   FAILED TO APPEAR  
CRB0602797 Moreno-Gonzalez, Guillermo   12/04/2006   PPD   PROB CAUSE HEARING  
CRA0602251A Velazquez, Catalina   11/16/2006   SMT   FAIL TO APPEAR-PH  
CRB0602102A Robles-Arredondo, Efrain E   10/04/2006   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/ARR  
TRD0606083A Robles-Arredondo, Efrain E   10/04/2006   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/ARR  
TRD0604929A De La Cruz Lopez, Domingo   09/12/2006   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/PSR  
TRD0604351A Wilson, Derrick A   08/15/2006   SMV   FAIL TO APPEAR-PT  
TRD0603815 Godinez, Juan J   07/10/2006   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/ARR  
CRB0601313 Rohaley, Joseph C   06/26/2006   SHF   PCH  
CRB0600610 Brune, Lindsey R   06/15/2006   PPD   FAIL/APPAR/ARR  
CRB0600640 Brune, Lindsey R   06/15/2006   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/ARR  
CRA0601139 Mccutchan, Raymond D   06/12/2006   SMT   PCH  
CRB0600867 Pacheco-Porras, Juan M   05/23/2006   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/PT  
CVI0502233 Ciliberto, Sam   05/09/2006   LCSD   FAILURE TO APPEAR  
TRD0601052A Guertin, Christine D   04/18/2006   SGRV   FAIL TO APPEAR-SENT.  
CRB0600269 Velez-Gonzalez, Beatriz   03/30/2006   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/ARR  
CRB0600438 Miller, Michelle L   03/27/2006   PPD   PROB CAUSE HEARING  
CRA0600532 Moscosa, Mario R   03/21/2006   PPD   PROB CAUSE HEARING  
TRD0600673A Morales-Amaro, Pascual   03/07/2006   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/ARR  
CRA0500476B Parish, Matthew E   12/28/2005   SMT   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRA0500477 Parish, Matthew E   12/28/2005   SMT   PROBATION VIOLATION  
CRB0502056A Banfield, Dale E   11/04/2005   SMV   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB0500255 Morris, Timothy   11/03/2005   MV   FAIL TO APPEAR-PT  
TRD0506135A Maynez, Martha E   11/01/2005   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/ARR  
CRB0502053A Gomez-Ornelas, Adelaido   10/04/2005   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/ARR  
CRB0501644 Munoz, Juan A   09/30/2005   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/PT  
CRB0501961 Maldonado, Luis A   09/28/2005   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB0500782 Miller, Michelle   09/13/2005   PPD   CONTEMPT $180  
CRA0500477 Parish, Matthew E   08/26/2005   SMT   CONTEMPT, $998.60  
CRA0501124 Schicker, Eric T   08/10/2005   SMV   FAILED TO APPEAR  
CRB0501478 Gibson, Camellia M   08/01/2005   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB0501093 Basinger, Robert T   07/11/2005   PPD   PROB CAUSE HEARING  
TRD0503377A Hernandez-Jimenez, Julio C   07/06/2005   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/ARR  
TRC0503130A Resendiz, Jose A   06/10/2005   SHF   F.T.A. @ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB0402255A Llamas-Porras, Rafael   05/18/2005   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/PT  
CRB0402150 Greer, James J   04/25/2005   MV   FAIL TO APPEAR-ARR.  
CRA0500711 Fordham, Tommirose M   04/15/2005   PPD   PROB CAUSE HEARING  
CRB0500549A Hanson, Paul R   04/05/2005   SMV   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB0500463 Sweeney, Russell H   03/10/2005   PPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB0500089 House, Vicky L   02/23/2005   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB0400406A Harper, Charles   01/05/2005   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/ARR  
TRD0406674A Lopez, Javier A   11/03/2004   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/ARR  
CRB0401696A Cobbs, Eddie E   09/02/2004   PPD   FAILED TO APPEAR  
CRA0400905 Razo, Jaime   06/21/2004   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/CT  
CRA0401118 Razo, Jamie P   06/09/2004   PPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRA0400562 Sezawich, Charles M   03/31/2004   SPV   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB0302723 Magid, Daryl B   03/05/2004   SHF   FAIL TO APPEAR  
CRA0302036 Mcclain, Christopher C   02/20/2004   SHF   FAILED TO APPEAR  
CRB0400178 Mcclain, Christopher C   02/20/2004   SHF   FAILED TO APPEAR  
CRA0400048A Foor, David C   01/09/2004   PPD   PROB. CAUSE HEARING  
CRB0400047A Foor, David C   01/09/2004   PPD   PROB. CAUSE HEARING  
TRD0308851A Ibarra-Perez, Martin   01/07/2004   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/ARR  
CRB0301311 Ward, Vincent L   08/22/2003   SHF   FAIL TO APPEAR  
CRB0300440 Reynoso, Carlos   07/08/2003   SHF   FAILED TO APPEAR  
CRB0301144 Kramer, Theodore G   07/03/2003   PPD   PROB CAUSE HEARING  
CRB0301065 Elizalde, Edgardo C   06/06/2003   PPD   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB0300322A Weekley, Renee D   03/05/2003   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRA0300321 Weekly, Renee D   03/05/2003   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRA0202131A Akins, Shawn P   02/24/2003   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/PREL HRG  
CRA0300116 Akins, Shawn P   02/24/2003   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/PREL.HRG  
CRB0202762A Tucker, James A   12/20/2002   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRD0208912A Velasquez, Demitrious   11/07/2002   LCSD   F.T.A. FOR ARRAIGN.  
CRA0202350 Kee, Thomas R   10/30/2002   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRC0206756A Powers, James W   09/23/2002   SHF   CONTEMPT-FTA  
CRA0202130 Escamilla-Solorzano, Manuel   09/19/2002   PPD   PROB. CAUSE HEARING  
CRA0201806 Derose, James L   09/18/2002   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB0201218 Smith, Craig A   06/18/2002   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB0200302 Arco Vega, Tolentino   03/06/2002   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/ARR  
CRB0102417 Williams, Larry J   01/29/2002   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/ARR  
CRB0102202 Smith, Craig A   10/29/2001   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB0100552 Smith, Craig A   10/03/2001   SHF   NO APPEAR  
CRB0100634 Smith, Craig A   10/03/2001   SHF   NO APPEAR  
CRB0101822 Oviedo, Ruben D   09/19/2001   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/COURT  
CRA0101840 Zaragoza, Federico   09/05/2001   PPD   PROB.CAUSE HEARING  
CRB0101839 Zaragoza, Federico   09/05/2001   PPD   PROB. CAUSE HEARING  
CRB0100858 Bassett, Jason R   07/03/2001   PPD   PROB. CAUSE HEARING  
CRA0100544 Hayes, Sondra D   04/26/2001   PPD   PROB. CAUSE HEARING  
CRB0100545 Hayes, Sondra D   04/26/2001   PPD   PROB. CAUSE HEARING  
CRB0100158A Gray, Eugene P   03/27/2001   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/ARR  
TRC0101878A Finehout, Jeffery E   03/14/2001   SMV   NO SHOW ARRAIGNMENT  
CRB0100157 Peptis, Matthew J   02/14/2001   SMT   FAILURE TO APPEAR-PT  
TRC0100652A Peptis, Matthew J   02/14/2001   SMT   FAIL TO APPEAR- PT  
CRA0002237 Dejesus, Angel A   11/08/2000   DRUG   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRC9908924A Morales, Oscar P   11/23/1999   PPD   FAILED TO APPEAR  
TRC9906392A Litton, Christopher S   11/04/1999   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/SENTENCE  
CRA9902138 Litton, Christopher S   10/26/1999   PPD   PROBABLE CAUSE HEAR.  
CRB9902139A Litton, Christopher S   10/26/1999   PPD   PROBABLE CAUSE HEAR.  
CRA9901345A Landsman, Kym D   07/22/1999   SMT   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRA9900712 Marshall, Joe Jr   05/06/1999   PPD   PROBABLE CAUSE HEAR.  
CRA9900524 Webster, Samuel T   04/09/1999   SFHV   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB9900525 Webster, Samuel T   04/09/1999   SFHV   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRA9900419A Landsmann, Kym D   03/23/1999   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRA9900286 Landsman, Kym D   02/25/1999   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
CRB9900287A Landsman, Kym D   02/25/1999   SHF   PROBABLE CAUSE  
TRC9900696A Alcala, Gilberto   02/19/1999   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/ARR  
CRB9801814 Hyduke, Gregory L   10/20/1998   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/P.T.  
CRB9801850A Hyduke, Gregory L   10/20/1998   PPD   FAIL/APPEAR/P.T.  
CRA9800796 Reed, Deborah K   07/10/1998   SMV   NO SHOW-ARRAIGN  
TRC9709746A Yeary, James W   12/17/1997   SMV   "NO SHOW"  
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